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trivia engine

Innovative Training

Trivia Engine is a proven knowledge reinforcement and training solution that uses an engaging "game show" format. Participants compete to answer the most questions correctly, as quickly as possible, for the best score. As they compete, they learn (while having fun!) ...and Trivia Engine allows you to track that learning progress.

The Questions Are The Course

Want participants to learn about your topic? Then ask questions about it! Because with Trivia Engine you control the content (via a straightforward secure web interface) you can ask questions designed to reinforce your messages. You can even include research and polling questions! The material can always be up-to-date because you can instantly and easily make content changes. And to really create impactful training materials, Trivia Engine questions and explanations can include pictures, animation, video and audio.

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create impactful training materials with Trivia Engine

Imagine e-learning so engaging that people compete to learn. Unleash the power of gamified training and watch participation soar.

trivia engine

Positively Engaging

A Trivia Training program, powered by Trivia Engine, allows you to deliver your messages to your audience in a digital, engaging and competitive, e-learning “game show” format directly within Microsoft Teams.

Participants compete (individually or in groups) to answer the most questions correctly as quickly as possible for the best score. As they compete, they learn and you can track their learning.

Participant responses are recorded and available online for instant analysis and profiling.

A Trivia Training program can be used stand-alone or as a follow-up knowledge reinforcement exercise to augment your existing training initiatives.

turbo-charge your training initiatives

engaging competitive e-learning directly within Microsoft Teams

Train Without The Pain

Unleash the power of gamified training! Further incentivize learning by offering prizes —in addition to “bragging rights”— for top individual or team scores... and watch participation soar! It’s not uncommon for people to participate ten or more times —nor for their correct response rate to dramatically increase, in the process— because we absorb key information better when we're engaged and having fun.

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Measure the effectiveness of your training. Easily track knowledge retention over time.

trivia engine

Actionable Insights

Measure initial and on-going retention!

Trivia Engine is a great tool to measure the effectiveness of your training. Instantly see what percentage of attendees remember specific topic details. And you can easily track knowledge retention over time, simply by running another Trivia Engine powered program.

Because Trivia Engine’s reports instantly allow you to review what your attendees remember and what they’ve forgotten, appropriate follow-up action can be taken as needed.

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measure the effectiveness of your training with Trivia Engine

Time-tested. Proven Effective! While the 2021 release of Trivia Engine for Microsoft Teams is NEW, the Trivia Engine platform has a long and rather ‘star-studded’ history.

trivia engine

Time-tested. Star-studded.

Trivia Engine is NOT new. In fact, it has a long & rather ‘star-studded’ history. Trivia Engine has engaged and informed hundreds of thousands of participants —delivered millions of questions, worldwide— powering contests and successful knowledge reinforcement programs for adidas, Disney, Bell, RBC, Novartis, United Airlines, the Miami Heat, ACE Insurance, Alliance Atlantis, and many more.

Trivia Engine for Microsoft Teams

The collaborative and communication power of Teams —extended by Trivia Engine— provides the best opportunity for innovative and engaging knowledge reinforcement.

Simple and straightforward pricing.

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trivia engine

Start Your Engines

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Trivia Engine for Microsoft Teams will launch later in 2021.

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