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    Trivia Engine for Microsoft Lync

    Trivia Engine is a proven knowledge reinforcement and training tool that uses an engaging "game show" format. Now available for Microsoft Lync. Participants compete to answer the most questions correctly, as quickly as possible, for the best score. As they compete, they learn (while having fun!) ...and Trivia Engine allows you to track that learning progress.

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    Trivia is not Trivial

    People enjoy a great game of trivia... From those nail-biting high-stakes TV game shows, to favorite (dare we say ‘old school’) board games... From quiz night at your local pub, to all those wonderful gadgets –cleverly disguised as toys– that encourage our kids to learn, while having fun. The multiple choice format is inherently familiar. It is simple and effective.

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    Reward. Reinforce.

    Positive reinforcement always feels good. Throw in a little healthy competition and we’re even further engaged, encouraged... motivated! Trying to ‘beat the clock’ for the best score intensifies the fun. And, let‘s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy seeing their name on a leaderboard and challenging peers to try to top it? Trivia Engine harnesses these ingrained human traits to deliver highly successful training results.

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    Leveraging Lync

    Microsoft® Lync™ greatly improves the communications and accessibility within an organization. Trivia Engine for Lync leverages the investment you have already made in Lync and adds presence-based training and knowledge reinforcement tools and reporting capabilities. Lync is great; Lync plus Trivia Engine is fantastic!

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    Proven Results.

    Trivia Engine is NOT new. In fact, it has a long & rather ‘star-studded’ history. For over a decade, Trivia Engine has engaged and informed hundreds of thousands of participants –delivered millions of questions, worldwide– powering contests and successful knowledge reinforcement programs for adidas, Disney, Bell, RBC, Novartis, United Airlines, the Miami Heat, ACE Insurance, Alliance Atlantis, and many more.

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    Now for Lync!

    Trivia Engine for Lync is new. We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Trivia Engine for Lync. Utilizing the power of presence, Trivia Engine delivers multiple choice questions within a Lync instant messaging session to train and reinforce key business knowledge; you control the questions; the questions are the content. Participants are engaged, compete and learn using any Lync device capable of sending and receiving instant messages . Trivia Engine for Lync extends the proven Trivia Engine trivia training model in an exciting new direction.

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    Trivia Training is Effective

    Ordinary training can be boring and it can be difficult to get people to attend and participate. Even after participating people often quickly forget what they have learnt. Trivia Training delivered through Trivia Engine can reinforce a standard training program or can replace it entirely. Trivia Training is engaging, competitive and never dull. You fully control the content, who participates, and you can view detailed learning results – determine exactly what people know and don’t know.

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    Getting Started

    We would be happy to discuss how Trivia Engine can help improve your training, knowledge reinforcement, or team building initiatives.  Probably the best way to understand the power of Trivia Engine is to try it yourself.  Sign up below and we will invite you to a special demo you can try with your coworkers (who will get the best score?)

Trivia Engine is a proven knowledge-reinforcement and training tool.

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